Coaching is an experiential and individualized leader development process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational and personal goals. It is conducted through one-on-one transformational, not transactional, conversations. It is a relationship based on mutual trust and respect where by the organization, the leader, and the coach work in partnership to achieve maximum impact.

Coaching is truly an investment which supports executives, leaders, individuals and teams through organizational initiatives, individual leadership challenges, changes in organizational culture and buisness focus, and talent growth and development. Coaching is about engaging the individual and helping them make conscious choice in their intention and impact. It’s about having leaders at all levels take ownership of their leadership presence, look at perspectives shifts, move beyond comfort zones, challenge perceived (and real) barriers, build upon and leverage their leadership capabilities, and develop and grow the talent of others.

Leadership Coaching

This offering is for emerging leaders through to senior leaders, with a focus on developing and accelerating the specific performance skills necessary for effective leadership. This service consists of one on one sessions approximately two to three times per month for a minimum of six months. We include 2 assessments, EQi (Emotional Intelligence) and MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) assessments and debriefs are included as well as an optional 360 interview process as part of this offering.

Executive Coaching

This offering is for individual leaders on a one to one basis. The duration of this coaching engagement is typically eight to sixteen months in length, but can go longer if needed. This offering consists of one on one coaching sessions conducted twice per month, in-between session support via email or phone as needed, both the EQi Emotional Intelligence and the Myers Briggs assessments with full debrief, a full 360 interview process, and a half day shadowing process and debrief.

Organizational and Team Coaching

This offering consists of coaching multiple leaders in one organization or a group of individuals in an intact team. The focus is on the whole of the relationship and how the individuals play a part in the dynamic and success of the team relationship. Each participant receives an individual development plan with a focus on both their individual needs as well as the collective needs of the team. This offering is typically done through group coaching sessions, workshops, as well as some one-on-one sessions. As it is important to focus on team and organizational needs the team sessions will have everyone come together approximately every six to eight weeks for a half-day session. As it is important to meet the organizational and team needs, a design session is suggested to discuss desired outcomes, materials, assessments, etc. Regardless of the actual content, individual development of each leader and the needs of the team/organization are a significant part of the end result.